Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fall begins with Norma MacDonald

Feels like WAY too long since we've had a crowd of people here to make an evening magic. So let's DO THIS.

It seems unbelievable that we haven't had a Cape Bretoner play a show at our house, since we're both from there. But we're remedying that BIG mistake with gusto October 15.

Norma MacDonald first crossed our path WAYYYYY back in the mists of time, when we were just starting out as adults and we'd see a band called Highland Heights in Halifax. The band broke up, but Norma has kept on with music and become a solo singer-songwriter.

Her voice is something unique. There's a bell-like quality to it, not brassy, but a timbre that brings clarity to whatever she sings. And her songs are wonderful examples of modern roots music. Her new album Burn the tapes was described by Exclaim! magazine as living in "the space between restlessness and peacefulness."

Join us to hear her music live, direct, and unfiltered.

WHAT: Norma MacDonald in concert
WHEN: Saturday, October 15, mingling at 7:00 and music at 8:00
WHERE: The Cape Breton Embassy, 214 Northwestern Avenue, Ottawa

As always, we accept donations to the Parkdale Food Centre. You can also bring along a snack to share and something alcoholic to drink, if you like. Soft drinks are always available.

Suggested donation: $20. You can drop off cash or cheques at the house, or send it to us via PayPal or Interac e-transfer to bob.ledrew@gmail.com.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Donefors postponed

Sadly, we don't have the numbers to justify doing the Donefors show this Saturday. We'll bring them another time.

Friday, 6 May 2016

May 28: Hamilton's The Donefors come to play

The next BobCat show is going to find a houseful of creative and quirky musicians making songs that engage heart and head with equal power.

The Donefors are celebrating 10 years as a band, but each of them has worked on solo and other group projects for longer than that. Probably best known of those projects is the great and lamented group Mr. Something Something.

In that time, they've made three CDs: "How to have sex with Canadians", "Award Winning Album", and "Lush Life Below the Poverty Line." Each of the records brings quirky intelligence and excellent musicianship to the studio, and that's what each band member brings to the stage as well.

Janine Stoll and Paul MacDougall played here together several years ago as part of our Babes for Breasts house concert; Janine also came to play a split-bill show with Emma-Lee. Her precise alto and rhythm guitar provide a bed for Paul's wide-ranging guitar excursions. Meanwhile, Liam Smith and Brian Lahaie provide bass and drums. Songs come from Janine, Paul, and Liam.

You can hear elements of Afrobeat, jazz, fusion, and almost everything in the eclectic mix that the four core Donefors bring to the band. And you might even hear something about Janine's project with Melissa McLelland and Lisa Winn, the Ladybird Animal Sanctuary. Ladybird is an animal rescue operation that's rescued hundreds of animals and placed them with forever families.

If you need a dose of witty and catchy songs in your ears -- you need to be here May 28. You'll be done for.

Opening for the band will be Nick Leiper!

WHO: The Donefors at BobCat
WHEN: May 28, 2016, 7:00 mingling, 8:00 music
WHERE: BobCat's Poverty Line Lushcafé, 214 Northwestern Avenue
WHAT: $20 suggested donation, all proceeds to artists.

If you like, you are encouraged to bring:
  • any alcohol you'd like to consume or share with others
  • a snackable treat 
  • a donation to the Parkdale Food Cupboard. 
You can reserve your seat by dropping your donation off in person or using Paypal or Interac e-transfers. Don't miss out! 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Manitoba Hal -- cancellation

unfortunately, the Manitoba Hal show will not be happening, due to a lack of attendees. We'll try to get him at a better time.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Jory Nash at BobCat February 13

February 2007 was the first ever BobCat concert. We rocked the house with Suzie Vinnick and Tony D that night, and since then it's been an endless stream of great music gracing our sunroom.

February is also Cat's birthday, so she always gets the choice of who to have play her "birthday show." Following a sterling string of picks (Good Lovelies, Penny Lang, Jeremy Fisher, Peter Elkas, Amy Campbell...) she has chosen our friend Jory Nash as her 2016 guest.

If Izaak Walton was the "Compleat Angler", then Jory is the Compleat Songwriter. Over the last two decades, he's put out nine CDs that have charted his growth as a songwriter, arranger, musician and singer. 

He's learned the craft of writing and performing diligently, and now he spends a fair amount of time teaching that craft too. AND... he's taken his love and respect for the music of Gordon Lightfoot and turned it into a legendary series of "The Way We Feel" concerts, and now into a CD project that's in the planning stages. 

He's been with us before, but every appearance brings new songs and stories. Don't miss this opportunity. 

WHO: Jory Nash
WHEN: February 13, mingling at 7, music at 8
WHAT: Our SUGGESTED donation is $20; feel free to bring a snack to share and any booze you'd like to consume, and/or a donation to the Ottawa Food Bank  
WHERE: 214 Northwestern Avenue 

And keep these dates in mind for the rest of our spring season!

March 26: Manitoba Hal
May 28: The Donefors 

Thursday, 3 December 2015

2016 kicks off with Shawna Caspi January 23

We begin 2016 with an Ottawa girl who's making it work in the big city of Toronto.

Shawna Caspi's love of music goes deep, and was nurtured at the Ottawa Folklore Centre and Rasputin's. Since those beginnings, she's become a veteran performer, a tireless tourer, a constant contributor to the folk and roots music community, and much respected for her fingerstyle playing and her fine songwriting.

If you don't believe us, believe the folks who judged the 2015 "Songs From the Heart" competition, in which songs by Shawna were chosen in both the humorous and political categories. Here's her song Devil's Rolling Pin:

Shawna Caspi is our first guest of 2016, and we're dead chuffed she'll be performing for us and for you. AND she'll be bringing CDs and her own paintings for your purchasing pleasure!

WHO: Shawna Caspi and her fingers at BobCat
WHEN: January 23, 2016, 7:00 mingling and 8:00 music
WHERE: 214 Northwestern Avenue
WHAT: $20 suggested donation (all proceeds to artist), either by cash or cheque or via PayPal or interac e-transfer. We also accept non-perishable food donations for the Ottawa Food Bank and snacks for our potlucky enjoyment.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

BobCat is back: David Ross MacDonald November 21

A 2015 farewell show with David Ross MacDonald 

Our friend and one of our favourite ever BobCatters is coming back! 
David Ross MacDonald is living the bicontinental life, touring Canada in the best weather of our year, then heading home to Australia to tour there and work on his eco-friendly house. This summer, he’s also spent a lot of time doing tour dates in his alter ego, drummer for The Waifs
So we are pleased to send him off to Australia with a BobCat show. 
David will be playing old favourites as well as debuting (for BobCat at least) new songs from his limited-edition CD “Caravan”. 
Join us for amazing guitar playing, insightful lyrics, and wonderful songs. Don't believe us? 

WHO: David Ross MacDonald at BobCat 
WHEN: November 21, arrive after 7, music at 8
WHERE: BobCat, 214 Northwestern Avenue, Ottawa, ON 
WHAT: (to bring) a snack to share, any alcohol you’d like to drink, money for CDs, and open ears and hearts. 

We love getting your donation in advance. $20 suggested, dropped off as cash or cheque or sent to us by PayPal or Interac e-transfer makes artists feel very secure. 
2016 is bringing a fantastic lineup of BobCatters
January 23: Shawna Caspi 
February 13: Jory Nash 
March 26: Manitoba Hal
May 28: The Donefors