Monday 19 February 2007

More on Danny Michel's Friday night ...

Great picture, great story, from Danny's Web site:

"It's not every day something this special & fun happens at a show. A while back a kid named Levon emailed me to tell me about how he was a big fan, but wasn't allowed to come to my show because he was only 10. So, I cleared it with the Black Sheep so he could come. He sat right in the front row. Then at the encore, the cops came in & there was all this commotion & he was hauled off, with 20 seconds of the show left. So me, being full of rum & cokes said "what's going on? Get him back in here!" (excpet i think there was more swearing?) I left the stage and went outside to bring him back in. I explaining he couldn't be kicked out because he was in the I brought him on stage. but then we had to do a tune. He requested "Ashes to Ashes" by Bowie (Hilarious, because I told the crowd all night - no Bowie tunes) So we sang a duet & he sang his heart out. The crowd went mental, and the cops left. It was his 1st show he'd ever been to & he wound up having a run in with the law AND singing the encore. I think he'll remember that one. He looked at me and said "i am your biggest fan....forever!" It was the best moment on stage for me...forever. Danny "

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zoom said...

Terrific story! Thanks for sharing it.