Sunday 22 April 2007

Lynn Miles. Wow.

It seems at least once per concert, I have the thought "how can this be happening in my house?" float through my head.

Last night, Lynn Miles put on a transcendent show, with songs from her last two or three CDs, including Unravel, Love Sweet Love, and Night in a Strange Town wowing a full house of 32 people.

For those out there in the blogosphere who don't know her, Lynn Miles is an exquisitely talented songwriter with a vocal talent that reminds me a little of Nanci Griffith, Emmylou Harris, and a soprano Jennifer Warnes. Her songs explore the worlds inside us, with their fields of heartbreak and hope growing and lying fallow. And she kinda looks like Agent 99 from Get Smart. Which is a good thing.

We were also treated to an encore by Lynn and Lonesome Paul duetting on Gram Parsons's great song "Streets of Baltimore" that took us to some dust bowl campfire somewhere. Wow.

New stuff last night: Stage lights. Better, but not perfect yet. Biggest stage setup, with two vocal mics, a guitar mic, a piano, and inputs for a guitar and a mandolin. WAY too much cable, which I will organize better.

Great stuff last night: Besides Lynn Miles, the FOOD. People did some amazing potluck dessert and munchables. Lynn's song "Brave Parade" from Unravel. My new most favorite song of all time.

Not so great stuff last night: I sucked backing up our opening guy Rob Bowman. Too much stuff around, and I was concentrated more on not hitting something or someone with the guitar neck than playing right. Bleah.

New ideas: We may do an open mic on the Sunday afternoon after Saturday night shows. More details later.

Thanks, Lynn.

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Unknown said...

It was a great show!

We love Lynn!

dave n anne marie n christine