Tuesday 30 October 2007

Moving Meredith, affecting Ana, and rocking Rachel

Biggest crowd ever at our concert last Saturday featuring Meredith Luce, Ana Miura, and opener Rachel Ferguson.

It was a wonderful show, with a tremendous amount of energy, enthusiasm, and talent demonstrated by these three young women. And that energy got reflected back to them by a very appreciative crowd.

Here are some shots, if you want a... er, peek... at the evening. (Some photos, including the one at left, courtesy of Emily Chen, whose M Wears tees were sported by Meredith Luce and BobCat Bob, and who designed the fantabulous BobCat logo. What a creative gal!)

Both Cath and I were somewhat disturbed to discover that two of our three performers could easily be our children. Sure, you say, you're both from Cape Breton, where a generation is 13-15 years. But still...

Rachel Ferguson was kind enough to come over from Aylmer and open the show. She has a lovely voice and an unflinching gaze on some sensitive matter, and you just feel as if she could explode. A real treat.

Ana Miura is at a very different stage of her musical career than Rachel. With her fluid voice and her guitar playing, she's able to create a beautiful stories in her songs, and she has a sly sense of humour that finds its way into her between-song conversation. Her set was simply lovely, with an especially beautiful version of her song Transcanadian.

And finally, we had Meredith (or in honour of Halloween Merry-death) Luce. It's so great to meet young people (which makes me sound old, but still) who are so talented AND so together. Meredith's songs are wonderfully conceived and she's such a convincing performer, it would be impossible to not be won over by her.

I did my best, however, to alienate potential fans by demanding she (with virtually no rehearsal) sing "I will love you for miles" with me in my ongoing obsession with doing Danny Michel tunes until he agrees to do a show.

It's all my fault. Don't hate her.

Still seats left for Suzie Vinnick and Rick Fines. Don't wait too long and be disappointed.

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