Saturday 1 December 2007

Another chance to see Chris Whiteley - Vinyl Cafe tour

I should point out that those who want to see Chris Whiteley at any cost can get a taste of him by going to one of the shows on the Vinyl Cafe's Christmas Tour.

Stuart MacLean and his gang put on a fine show (I've been, so I know), and in addition to Chris, my heeeeero Danny Michel (who HAS to come and do a BobCat show before I run out of tunes to cover -- so far, I've managed to mangle "Invisible Man", "Whale of a Tale", "Old Tattoo", and "I will love you for miles", and I won't stop until I destroy his catalogue entirely) and other musicians whose names I can't remember or find on the Web (CURSE YOU GOOGLE).

Of course, our pal Suzie Vinnick is a proud alumna of the Vinyl Cafe tours, and regular parts of the orchestra include John Sheard and Dennis Pendreth

In any case, I'm sure that the whole tour will be great. They are in Ottawa on December 22 and 23, at the National Arts Centre.

And if you can't make it to that, come to a show and I will do my best Stuart McLean impression for you. "It was a warm evening, the kind of evening where people sit on their front porches waving magazines in front of their faces... thin magazines, like Time Canada or the Watch Tower, not like Vanity Fair... except for Dave, who was waving a copy of Penthouse and wondering why Morley was mad at him..."

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