Monday 26 January 2009

Babes for Breasts put on show, make people happy, raise money. Yay.

We had such a good time Saturday night. We'll put some pictures and video up on in the next few days, but the IMPORTANT thing is that thanks to generous patrons and generous donors, we and Babes for Breasts were able to raise more than $2300 (net of expenses) for Breast Cancer Action Ottawa.

BCA Ottawa Executive Director Colleen Lyle talked quite movingly about the worthiness of the cause, and our patrons gave mightily. So thanks.

And thanks to Ana, Amanda, Rhonda, and Janine and Paul MacDougall (aka the man-Babe) for a wonderful night of four singer-songwriters with dramatically different writing and performing styles. It truly was a smorgababe. And a special thanks to Ana for all of her work on BFB. Beautiful, smart, talented and dedicated -- what else could you ask for?

And if you're regretting missing the concert, you can get a dose of Janine and Paul at Irene's Pub as they debut the first CD by their project The DoneFors, "How to have sex with Canadians"

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