Tuesday 20 October 2009

Corin Raymond and Jonathan Byrd, November 7

We had a full house for our Thanksgiving show with the Undesirables and David Ross MacDonald. Our next show features half of the Undesirables as well as the best export from North Carolina since powered flight and NASCAR - Jonathan Byrd.

Corin Raymond, the "front man" of The Undesirables, also has a burgeoning career as a solo artist. His new CD, "There will always be a small time", has a loose-limbed, good-humoured shuffle that is instantly engaging and treats you to touches of zydeco, Roy Orbison, and honest emotions from loneliness to raucousness.

Jonathan Byrd writes songs that are almost stark in their simplicity but convey deep thoughts in simple terms. People like Tom Paxton have praised him, and he's won the "New Folk" competition at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas. When I brought home a stack of CDs from last year's Ontario Council of Folk Festivals and went through 'em with Cathy, we listened to a bunch of people. When I put Jonathan's on, she said "Can we get him?!" I said "Yes."

Corin and Jonathan share a tremendous musicality and a love of words that will move both heart and head.

WHO: Corin Raymond and Jonathan Byrd
WHERE: BobCat, 214 Northwestern Avenue
WHEN: November 7, 7:00 mingle, 8:00 show.

Suggested donation $20.

Your optional activities:

* non-perishable food good for the Ottawa Food Bank,
* some change to help the Babes for Breasts get across Canada and back,
* dessert or snack to share if you're the sharing kind,
* BYOB if you're inclined that way.

See you soon,

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