Monday 13 December 2010

January with Jory Nash & Happy Holidays

Well, we had a lot of fun with Coco Love Alcorn on December 4, and remembered why house concerts were so much fun.

So before everyone gets TOTALLY consumed by holiday frenzy, we thought we'd get out notice of our next show and some sneak previews of the rest of the spring.

Our first show of 2011 will feature the winner of the 2009 Penguin Eggs "Album of the Year" honours: Jory Nash. Roots Music Canada says of Jory: "the thing that can drive me ‘round the bend [about the singer-songwriter genre] – is that it can all start sounding the same after awhile. Thank goodness Jory Nash doesn’t fit this stereotype. On his sixth CD New Blue Day (2009) he has managed, once again, to surprise and delight."

The album catches your ear from the first note, with excellent production that matches the songs, voices and instruments. With guest appearances by notables like Rick Fines and Dala, Nash's songs are diverse in sound and style, but share some important traits -- being literate, sensitive, and sympathetic.

Listen to this sample from "God don't love me anymore" to get a sense of who Jory is. When I heard him play a few months ago, I was taken instantly. And you'll be taken too.

WHO: Jory Nash in concert
WHEN: January 15, 2011 -- 7:00 for mingling with music at 8:00
WHERE: Home of the BobCat Nash Rambler, 214 Northwestern Avenue (Suggested donation $20 -- all proceeds to artist)
WHAT (to bring):
  • YOB (your own booze)
  • something nibbly to share with others
  • non-perishable food item for the Food Bank
Remember, we appreciate pre-payment. You can mail us a cheque; you can arrange to drop off cash; or you can use Paypal or Interac Money Transfer.

As to the rest of the spring:
  • February brings us local favorite Missy Burgess;
  • March sees Janine Stoll return (you may have caught her with our Babes for Breasts fundraiser) with her pal, the wondrous Emma-Lee;
  • May brings someone we've been waiting for a while -- Jon Brooks.

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