Friday 6 May 2011

Next show! May 28 Meredith Luce CD Release party

May 28, 2011
7:00 mingle, 8:00 show

Meredith Luce has been a force on Ottawa's musical scene for longer than is reasonable, given her youth.
At 22, she's jumping back into the musical world with both feet after finishing a graphic design program. And that's where her new EP "Live at the Branch" comes in. This disk is a taste of things to come for Meredith and her band the Mandates. "This live EP is an introduction of what is to come on the studio album. It has solo versions of several new songs, which are now epic rock tunes that I have fleshed out with my bandmates."

The Branch Restaurant in Kemptville, Ontario has been a regular performance space for Meredith since 2007. "I first played at the Branch for the gig, but after that first time, I kept going back for the food! I always saw the gig as a bonus to a fabulous evening of gastronomic delight."

Bruce Enloe, chef and co-owner of the Branch considers himself among Meredith's Kemptville fans. "Her music is one of our favourite sounds here at the Branch where we have had the honour of hearing it so many times. She came to us for the first time over 4 years ago as a teenager with a precocious talent, I'll never forget her first show…. We were having a quiet night, but she was on fire—there were only about 5 people in the room, but after experiencing the magnetic presence of this talented artist, everyone who had been to the first [show] came back and brought friends—a trend that has continued unabated ever since to the point that we now have to turn people away whenever we are lucky enough to have her back."

Meredith's show at the Branch was the first of the restaurant's new Listening Room series, where they are trying to encourage the same respectful environment for artists that can be found at venues like the famed Black Sheep Inn of Wakefield, QC.

Although school has kept her busy exercising her design skills, Meredith didn't slow down the creative part of her music-making while in school. "I have been skimming through my laptop relearning and developing demos of songs—which I consider to be new—and they are dated back to 2009! That makes me appreciate how much I have grown. When I was 18, I was so hungry to record and perform every single idea I had. Now, I appreciate holding on to things and developing them. I am still eager to put out more recordings, but my approach has matured."

Meredith will bring her musical friend Tim Watson along for some support on percussion, and not only will you be able to pick up her new CD, but also pick up some of the woodblock-style prints Meredith created as part of the CD packaging.

We first saw Meredith when she was a high-school student with equal portions talent and drive. It's been a privilege to see her use that drive to develop her natural talent for songwriting and performing. Now you have a chance to catch her on the cusp of a new stage of her career.

WHO: Meredith Luce and Tim Watson
WHEN: May 28, 2011
WHERE BobCat branch office, 214 Northwestern Avenue


  • $20 suggested donation, in advance please! You can get your donation to us in person or by using paypal or Interac e-transfer to

  • Feel free to bring a snack to share and potent potables if that's your bag. Soft drinks always available, and donations of non-perishable food goods for the Food Bank gratefully accepted.

  • Two friendly cats in residence -- allergic folk be warned.
See you in time to celebrate spring!

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