Monday 20 January 2014

WAITING LIST MODE! Jill Zmud and friends, February 8

Lovely Jill Zmud performs
at BobCat February 8
UPDATE JAN 30: WE'RE GONNA CALL THIS FULL. If you haven't gotten in touch yet we can create a waiting list and put you on it, in case there are cancellations. Thank you so much for being eager listeners. 

When we started doing house concerts, we decided that when a concert was happening during someone's birth month, we would let that person pick the artist. Of course, that only really works for the Cat half with her February birthday.

But she's made some amazing choices over the years -- Penny Lang, Good Lovelies, Amy Campbell, Missy Burgess, Peter Elkas...

And 2014, the 7th-anniversary show for BobCat House Concerts, she's done it again with a return engagement from the superb Jill Zmud.

Jill Zmud is a slightly late starter, musically speaking. She spent much of her youth pursuing other arts. But when she took up music, she quickly made up any lost ground. Her 2009 record " we quietly drive by" was a little piece of crystalline beauty, with songs that brought the sultriness and the gospel inflections over her to the forefront, and music that was artfully made by her, guitarist Chris Page, producer Dave Draves, and Christine Mathenge and Jerusha Lewis of the Voices of Praise Gospel Choir.

Since that album, she's been making music and working on non-musical projects as well. And as I write this post, she's recording the long-awaited second album.

On February 8, Jill and some friends will join us for a celebratory evening full of torch-folk-inspired smiles, sly giggles, and full-on laughter. It will be a joyous evening. And you should be there.

WHO: Jill Zmud and Friends
WHERE: BobCat Birthday Parlour, 214 Northwestern Avenue
WHEN: mingling at 7, music at 8
WHAT: suggested donation of $20, all proceeds to artist.

We encourage you to make your donation in advance as we often have a full house, and we want to ensure the artist is given a full audience and a full envelope. You can drop it off, or you can use PayPal or Interac to transfer money to us at this email.

As always, your donation to the Ottawa Food Bank is gratefully accepted, and we encourage you to bring your own alcoholic treats and a snack to share.

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