Monday 1 December 2014

Recognition for BobCat alumni makes us grateful

Saturday night marked not only a house concert for us with the fantastic Jory Nash (the songs from his new album are among the best I've ever heard of his, and he is a fine writer indeed), but the end of Canadian Folk Music Awards Week in Ottawa.

10 years ago, a small group of some of Canada's most important people in the world of folk music created these awards, and since then have put in countless hours (and probably more than a few of their own bucks) to keep the CFMAs vital and to put on great events across the country.

This is the place where Canada's folk community can celebrate the richness of our music creators and the achievements of those who've recorded over the previous year, handing out 19 awards.

As house concert presenters, we occupy a very privileged position. We get to welcome some of Canada's and the world's most skilled musicians into our homes and introduce them to our friends, neighbours, colleagues, and acquaintances in a uniquely intimate environment. And over our 37 concerts,  we have become friends with a lot of the people who've come to perform at our house. So seeing some of our musical friends get nominated or win a CFMA is a reminder to us of just how lucky we are and a source of great happiness.

This year, six BobCat alums were nominated for a CFMA: Quique Escamilla, Gathering Sparks, Jadea Kelly, Amanda Rheaume, Shari Ulrich, and Jill Zmud. Three of those nominees were chosen by a jury as the best in their category this year:

Quique Escamilla: 2014 CFMA for World Solo Artist

Amanda Rheaume (with cowriter John MacDonald): 
2014 CFMA for Aboriginal Songwriter of the Year

Shari Ulrich: 2014 CFMA for English Songwriter of the Year 
and for Vocal Group of the Year as part of the High Bar Gang 

We've been lucky to walk away from every concert feeling as if we've experienced and shared something very special. And if this sort of recognition helps spread the word about our folk scene to new audiences and pushes performers to do even more striking work, then I'm all for it. 

Congratulations to the CFMAs, to all the nominees and the winners, and especially to our BobCat friends. And (this will be the only time in history where I will quote Abba) thank you for the music. 

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Andy Frank said...

Hey Bob, thanks for the CFMA love. And congrats on the house concert series, may it live forever. Can't wait to hear Jory's new stuff, he is constantly evolving.What pleased me the most about these CFMAs, other than the great crowds we got at all three events, was the reaction of recipients, from veterans and past-Juno winners like Shari to kids like Kacy & Clayton, such genuine enthusiasm, it was a privilege to be backstage to observe it. Coig was great too. Anyway, all in all, thank you for the music.