Friday 6 March 2015

March 28: A roaring end to March with The Young Novelists

The folk and roots music world can sometimes be seen as synonymous with the singer-songwriter genre. But there are those who forge a different path, like Graydon James and his bandmates, the Young Novelists.

This six-piece group (alex dodd, graydon james, shawn jurek, john law, mike paddags, and  laura spink), take full advantage of the richness that extra people, voices, and instruments provide.

Their music is full of joy and intensity and tenderness, and these musicians bring a wonderful grasp of their instruments and how to play together from the softest pianissimo to thunderous crescendos.

So far, they've produced their debut EP, a small town eulogy, and a full-length recoding, in the year you were born in 2012. And later this spring, their latest project made us strangers will hit an unsuspecting world with the rich harmonies and great songwriting that is now expected, but with some new textures to the sound.

And you can preorder this new record RIGHT now. Just go to their PledgeMusic site to get in on the fun, with anything from the record to a dress-shopping excursion with vocalist / percussionist Laura Spink up for grabs.  

Don't miss them! Here's a taste of the Young Novelists from the Wood & Wires video series:

Graydon James & The Young Novelists- Hear Your Voice from Wood & Wires on Vimeo.

Send March out like a lion! See you then.

WHO: The Young Novelists
WHEN: March 28, 7:00 mingle, 8:00 music
WHERE: 214 Northwestern Avenue, Ottawa (Directions:
HOW: Buy Tickets: Suggested donation $25. Drop off cash or a cheque, or e-transfer using Interac or Paypal to

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