Friday 23 March 2007

Friday Random 10(tm)

I do this on my other blog, and since there's some common cause, I'm going to post here too:

The first 10 tunes my iPod spit out this morning are:

  1. Madeline, Irish Descendants
  2. Closing Time, Leonard Cohen
  3. Hoochie Coochie Man, Eric Clapton
  4. Rainslicker, Josh Ritter
  5. Milling Set, Jamie MacInnis and Paul MacNeil
  6. Duncan Johnstone Set, Buddy MacMaster
  7. The Night Before, The Beatles
  8. Goodbye Grace, Spirit of the West
  9. Coaltown Road, The Barra MacNeils
  10. Tacoma Trailer, Leonard Cohen

Annotations: wow, what an East Coast set of tunes. Two sets of fiddle tunes, the Barras, the Irish Descendants (sociable!), and a touch of Spirit of the West. Even one of the Leonard tunes has some fiddle stuff happening. Beaten-to-death-Bob-anecdote-number-482: Went to high school with Stewart MacNeil of the Barras, and it was he who first exposed me to Stan Rogers and "Barrett's Privateers", quite likely changing my life. Thanks, Stewart.

PS: Went to see Suzie Vinnick and Rick Fines play at the NAC's Fourth Stage last night, as a CD release party for their disc "Nothing Halfway". What a great show. Rick Fines is a fine guitarist and is an evocative vocalist, and Suzie shone as she always does. Charlie Sohmer opened up with a nice set of bluegrass flavored songs.

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