Sunday 18 November 2007

SA-TUR-DAY, HEY! Rick and Suzie rock.

In the unlikely event that we ever get discouraged about house concerts, memories of November 17, 2007 will serve to put us back in a good mood.

Rick Fines and Suzie Vinnick put on not one, but TWO fabulous shows for us, with over 60 people getting to hear some absolutely wonderful musicianship and songs.

Those who were at the evening show got an extra treat when their musical pals Wendell Ferguson and Katherine Wheatley, in town for the Healing Garden benefit concert today (November 18), dropped by and ended up getting up to play and sing with Suzie and Rick.

Here's some of what it looked like. If only you could have heard it!

We also have a big box of food for the Ottawa Food Bank, lots of new Rick & Suzie fans, and our first show of 2008 to announce (in a separate post). Enjoy the pics.

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