Thursday 24 April 2008

We bring Coco... and Cocoa... on May 17.

Coco Love Alcorn is a BC singer-songwriter who's got a style that we haven't had here yet. Her sound is funky, sultry, laid-back, and intense. She's got a great voice, she plays well, and yes, that is her real name. Ottawa Xpress calls Coco "A bright burst of colour amidst the many shades of indie gray." She's been part of Lilith Fair, she's toured with Ani diFranco, she's toured and recorded for years with 54.40, and now you have a chance to hear her in our sunroom!

Her sweet sounds are most recently captured on her CD "Sugar", produced by Steve Dawson, and on her special edition CD "Coco Love Solo" only available at house concerts.

If all of that doesn't get you interested, check this YouTube of Coco out.

Which brings me back to the "two sweet treats." The great folks at the La Siembra co-op bring fairly traded chocolate to Ottawa under the Cocoa Camino brand.

As you likely know (especially if you had some cake at the Penny/Amy show), we at BobCat are big fans of the sweet stuff, and the Cocoa Camino chocolate is REALLY good. So we're looking forward to giving the La Siembra folks a few minutes to talk about what they do, and give everyone a taste of what they do.

So if you have a sweet tooth or a sweet ear, you have to get here. Surely between Coco, and cocoa, a great evening will unfold.

WHAT: Coco Love Alcorn at BobCat
WHERE: 214 Northwestern Ave
WHEN: May 17, mingle after 7, show at 8

Suggested donation: $20

As always, all proceeds go to the artist; please reserve and we like payment in advance; you're welcome to bring something desserty or snacky to share, as well as a donation for the BobCat Basket for the Ottawa Food Bank, and it's BYOB if you're into the potent potables.

See you on the 17th!

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