Friday 2 May 2008

If you can't make Coco...

I know it's kinda silly to blog about an event that's happening the same night as one of our concerts, but it's a pal, so...

If you're in Ottawa and for some reason aren't coming to our May 17 show with Coco Love Alcorn, perhaps you should think about going to Rasputin's Folk Café on Bronson, to see our pal Sarah Johnston with Kenny Voita.

Guelph native Sarah (at left, during the earth hour portion of the concert) has opened for us a couple of times now, and she is just bursting with potential and talent. I'm told that Kenny Voita is quite good as well, but I don't know his stuff.

Rasputin's is a wonderful place, and if you can't come see Coco, this show -- as well as lots of other ones they put on -- would be an excellent substitute.

In fact, on May 25th, we're hoping to get to Amy Campbell, (right) who blew so many people away opening up for the flu-challenged Penny Lang in March. Amy is playing with Melissa Larkin. On May 31, Frida's Brow will be performing. Those will undoubtedly be GREAT shows.

Aren't we lucky to live in a town with such great live music options?


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