Sunday 18 May 2008

Sweeet, sweet Coco.

Every concert we host, there's always something new to do, see, or experience. And last night -- well, last night was something special.

The first first: First time that at 6:45, I'm taking the headliner out for a bike ride up to Westboro Beach and a bit of a spinning session (in part to help her work out some caffiene-inspired jitters).

The second first: a full department store size rack of shirts getting rolled into the house.

The third first: being able to see our new back yard through the windows!

The fourth first: having enough Alcorns in the house to start growing oak trees. Okay, that's a crap pun, but I'm tired.

The fifth first: having an Ottawa-based fair-trade success story bring us FREE CHOCOLATE in liquid and solid form. Yum.

Coco Love Alcorn finished up her spring swing through her newly-adopted home province (she's just moved from Vancouver to Toronto) at our house last night, and the music was SUBLIME.

We'd never seen Coco perform live, and had a suspicion she'd be great from what we'd heard on record, but ...

She's got the whole package. She can do a rap song abut "Intellectual boys", a sultry ode to her bicycle that would leave your saddle steaming, and scat her way through Route 66 with a combination of full-throated vocal pyrotechnics and a kitten-purr worthy of Blossom Dearie.

Her parlour guitar, sometimes joined by her uncle Mark Alcorn's, was sweet, and her vocals, combined with her cousin Lindsay Alcorn singing backup, are simply awesome. Coco knows how to use what is a formidable instrument.

And her songs are amazing. From quirky little numbers like "Where do robots go when they die?" to intensely sensual like "For just one night" to romantic like "Sugar", Coco's creativity is remarkable for its diversity and its accomplishment.

(And the shirts? Coco and her husband rescue shirts from Frenchy's, a regionally famous chain of secondhand clothing stores in Atlantic Canada, and add on their own silkscreened designs. Very cool.)

And the folks from La Siembra, the worker-owned fair-trade chocolate co-operative that makes the Cocoa Camino brand of chocolate, came by (one of whom did so on her birthday!) and shared their story and their product. Nice to eat something that makes you feel decadent and virtuous in equal measure.

Pictures: Mark and Coco digging in; Mark, Coco, and Lindsay Alcorn; Melanie and Colin from La Siembra, Some guy in a great shirt massacring a Garnet Rogers song, and Coco and Lindsay.

See y'all in the fall!

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