Friday 2 January 2009

A BobCat first: Babes For Breasts Fundraiser January 24

Hi folks, and happy new year to all:

Cath and I have been doing normal non-house concert things since our last show. But we've been thinking about 2009's house concert offerings too.

And we wanted to start 2009 with something unique, so here we are: We are hosting a Babes for Breasts fundraising concert on January 24, 2009. Babes for Breasts (BFB) is, according to its creator Ana Miura, a "collective of female singer/songwriters taking on the human side of breast cancer one song at a time."

Since 2003, Ana and her pals have done dozens of shows together. Most recently, a gang of Babes did 20 shows in 26 days, taking them from Saint John, NB to Duncan, BC. And that list of babes has included some of Canada's best singer-songwriters, like BobCat pals Amy Campbell and Meredith Luce as well as women including: NLX: Natasha Alexandra, Emily Fennell, Caridad Cruz, Leela Gilday, Ann Vriend, Tara Holloway, Kay Pettigrew, Sarah Loucks, Jessica Rhaye, Jess Clemons, Jeanette Arsenault, Natasha Pasternak, Jane Lui, Sarah Craig, Shannon Moan, and Q the Romantic Revolutionary.

And the talent for our show is a match for any of those names.

Of course, Ana Miura will be the head babe, as is only fitting. But joining her on stage will be local favorite performer Amanda Rheaume and Toronto's Rhonda Stakich.

For those who don't know these extremely talented women, let me sum them up briefly:

Ana Miura (L) is an award-winning singer-songwriter who has a fluid and impressive guitar style and a wonderful voice. Her writing and her performing benefit from classical training in childhood, and her songs reflect someone who's a keen observer of life and relationships. Her newest CD Mercury Rising is an EP that is a teaser / sampler for her full-length disc due out later this year. Her previous EP Tenacious Heart is in regular rotation in our CD player. Ana performed with Meredith Luce at BobCat in October 2007.

Amanda Rheaume (R) is energy personified. Recently a runner-up in Live 88.5's "Big Money Shot" competition, and the opening act for Finger Eleven at the New Year's Eve celebration on the Rideau Canal, Amanda has become a star here, and seems destined to hit the big time. Her songs are as dynamic as her performances, whether on her own or with her band. And we've had more than one request for Amanda at BobCat!

Rhonda Stakich (L) is a new discovery for us, thanks to BFB and Ana. She describes herself as "an Alberta born, Toronto based singer and songwriter influenced and inspired by dance, drama and old-fashioned ideals. Stakich arrived in the spring of 2001 to Toronto with two guitars and a suitcase full of songs. She immediately teamed up with producer/engineer Nathan Handy to record There Were Years (2002) and Mary Mary (2005) while slowly, steadily winning her way into the hearts and ears of Toronto's live music community."

And we're expecting one more Babe for the show. Stay tuned.

But there's going to be even more than amazing performances to enjoy. This is a FUNDRAISER, after all, and we need your help in making this a great night for Breast Cancer Action Ottawa.

So we've leaned on our friends to provide some great silent auction items for you to check out and bid on over the evening.

First, our musical friends have contributed their CDs to the "BobCat Basket" -- a basket of signed CDs by EVERYONE who's played at BobCat. By the 24th, I expect over 20 CDs to be in the basket.

Our friend Sue Rochon has donated an original oil painting for the show. I'll be posting an image soon.

And our pal François Rochon is donating...himself! François is not only a passionate music lover, but a trained sommelier, instructor at Algonquin College, and a specialist in the art of wine and food matching. So the high bidder will get François's services as sommelier at a wine dinner. You make up a party of eight people, and then François will help you choose a menu. Once the menu's chosen, you make dinner, then François arrives with a selection of wines for everyone and will act as waiter and sommelier for the evening, making for a filling, laughter-filled, and educational dinner experience.

We're doing this for a number of reasons. Like all concerts, we want to bring our friends great music in an intimate environment. But this one is special. Like most people, we've been touched by cancer (I had a case of bladder cancer in 2006), and by breast cancer. My Aunt Florence is a 30-year survivor. And our friend Kim, Francois's wife, passed away from metastatic breast cancer in 2007. If we can do something to help others deal with this miserable disease, and to help stop it from taking people away from us.

So come. Enjoy. And bring your chequebook so that we can send a MAJOR donation to Breast Cancer Action Ottawa.

WHAT: Babes for Breasts show at BobCat
WHO: Ana Miura, Amanda Rheaume, Rhonda Stakich, and another performer to come
WHEN: January 24, 2009, mingle anytime after 6:30, show at 8:00.
SUGGESTED DONATION: This time only, it's a minimum of $30.

See you on the 24th.



AER said...

Hello there!

Is the Babes for Breasts Fundraiser (Jan 24) open to the public? If so, can entry be purchased/secured in advance?

Thank you!

Bob said...


1. We love new people at concerts. But this one is FULL.

2. We prefer prepayment to ensure noshows don't hurt the artist.

If you're interested in Peter Elkas or another show, email me at:
Bob dot ledrew at gmail dot com.