Friday 9 January 2009

m on the side » The Graphic Details — raster vs. vector images (Basic)

The logo for BobCat was designed by the lovely and talented -- and music loving -- Emily Chen(at left, demonstrating one of her many talents). And now, she's used it on her brand new m on the side blog to explain the difference between raster and vector graphics.

In the world of house concerts we're a little on the over-organized side, what with logos and chairs and the like. Lots of presenters just toss cushions on the floor and let things happen as they will. But when Em agreed to do our logo for FREE!! because she loves music and because she's a great person, how can you say no?

If you have graphic design or illustration needs please think of Emily. If she does work this good for free, imagine what she'll do when she's PAID.


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