Tuesday 20 September 2016

Fall begins with Norma MacDonald

Feels like WAY too long since we've had a crowd of people here to make an evening magic. So let's DO THIS.

It seems unbelievable that we haven't had a Cape Bretoner play a show at our house, since we're both from there. But we're remedying that BIG mistake with gusto October 15.

Norma MacDonald first crossed our path WAYYYYY back in the mists of time, when we were just starting out as adults and we'd see a band called Highland Heights in Halifax. The band broke up, but Norma has kept on with music and become a solo singer-songwriter.

Her voice is something unique. There's a bell-like quality to it, not brassy, but a timbre that brings clarity to whatever she sings. And her songs are wonderful examples of modern roots music. Her new album Burn the tapes was described by Exclaim! magazine as living in "the space between restlessness and peacefulness."

Join us to hear her music live, direct, and unfiltered.

WHAT: Norma MacDonald in concert
WHEN: Saturday, October 15, mingling at 7:00 and music at 8:00
WHERE: The Cape Breton Embassy, 214 Northwestern Avenue, Ottawa

As always, we accept donations to the Parkdale Food Centre. You can also bring along a snack to share and something alcoholic to drink, if you like. Soft drinks are always available.

Suggested donation: $20. You can drop off cash or cheques at the house, or send it to us via PayPal or Interac e-transfer to bob.ledrew@gmail.com.

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